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How has Covid-19 forced businesses to change the way they do things?

Let's explore how businesses have embraced the change brought by Covid - 19 and how they use innovation in order to limit physical contact with their customers and employees.


1. Meetings

  1. There has been a quick shift from face to face meetings to online meetings. There are many platforms that companies use in order to conduct their meetings without having to spend time walking into boardrooms. Usage of facilities like Teams, Google Meet and Skype has increased. I mean these facilities have been around for a while. Why have we not make use of them? The savings on such things as lighting, need for projectors, catering and even printing agendas have come to realization. Did we need such a knock to realise the benefits of these facilities? If you need more info on web conferencing please visit


2. Meeting sales targets

We have seen especially in the food industry, the takeaways and restaurants at large how they quickly employed the online ordering system and delivery. This method has increased the market share as it accommodates customers that don't have time to visit the store physical location. Some shops already had such platforms but Covid-19 also forced customers to realize and make use of these online platforms. If you would also like to make use of these facilities, you can visit


3. Inventory Control

Stock Control in your business is quite important because it reduces the costs of inventory while ensuring you can meet customer demand. It is ensuring that that there's also enough material for production. Businesses should always have a 'safe' amount of stock so that they're able to react and cover any unforeseen issues. There are traditional ways of verifying your stock levels like manual stock counts however these are time consuming. We all know that in order to be the best in the market, you have to improve your lead time and respond quickly to market demands. I am so fortunate that I got to study Industrial Engineering because it gives you an opportunity to explore various softwares for stock control like ERP and MRP. If you want to know more about these you can visit


4. Marketing

Social media has played a very huge role in getting the world know about your products and services. People use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter everyday. It is said that there are 1.73 billion people that login to Facebook daily. Facebook also offers its subscribers a chance to showcase their business at a very small fee. You can customize your plan from just a few days of promoting your products depending on your budget! Interesting huh? For more info


5. Processing

Most manufacturers have made use of methodologies like lean manufacturing to minimize lead times and costs. Automation has been introduced in many processes to reduce human to human contact. It has played a vital role in the manufacturing Industry as it is promoting higher production rates and increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, shorter workweeks for labour, and reduced factory lead times. We have also seen many industries solving their ergonomics issues with automation. Many businesses have introduced automation even in the offices to reduce indirect labour costs.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. I hope it will help your business to realise better revenues.

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